Day 2: Hunting for inspiration in Reykjavik

At 10am Guðmundur (and his cat) opened the door to us with a purr and a keen but somewhat nervous smile.

Living and working just 100m from Landakotskirkja, Reykjavik’s

Catholic cathedral, Guðmundur Úlfarsson is a graphic designer of the purest kind. With an infectious passion for typography he creates beautiful, obsessively functional typefaces born from inspiration he finds in Iceland’s capital city. Throughout the day we got a glimpse into his life and the working practices of a young graphic designer in Iceland.

Guðmundur took us to his local second hand bookshop in down town Reykjavik. This is where he likes to spend hours looking for letters, shapes and inspiration for his typefaces

His latest project is an untitled face based on a monument to Iceland’s founding fathers in Reykjavik Town Square.

Working in the Inspired By Iceland’s Little House of Design the letters start to take shape.



There’s discussion around the possibility of using the newly created typography on the labels for the jar full of memories idea touched on in yesterday’s blog.

On we go - tomorrow is another day for some fresh inspiration from Iceland.