• May 9

    Designer Spotlight: KRADS

    We’ve been working with KRADS throughout our design chapter here at Inspired by Iceland and now it’s time to shine a light on some of the inspirational stuff that they’ve been getting up to. 

    KRADS is an architectural studio based in Denmark and Iceland, with both teams working together to re-imagine the Scandinavian culture of architecture and design. All very exciting stuff, particularly when you factor in the stunning rural settings in Iceland that many of these structures are created to stand amongst. 

    As one of four partners at KRADS, Kristján Örn Kjartansson has been working alongside our design students, including a visit to one of KRADS’ current projects; a summerhouse on a remote peninsula in South West Iceland, to explore the mapping of spaces and landscape. 

    The Summerhouse has been designed by the team at KRADS to create a careful and functional engagement between building and landscape. Inside, the summerhouse is laid out as a sequence of spaces following the contour lines of the landscape, with each space housing a window that is custom shaped and sized to display the most beautiful view for each outlook.

    As the inspiring work at KRADS demonstrates, architecture and design in Iceland are in a great place right now with plenty of exciting projects on the go and new talent constantly emerging. As Kristján remarks; ‘A new generation of young architectural practices is emerging, giving the field a welcome gush of fresh ideas.’ So, expect to see more great projects from KRADS in the very near future…

  • Sep 5


    Harpa - Reykjavík Concert Hall and Conference Centre

    A striking addition to the Icelandic and European cultural scene, Harpa – Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre opened its doors to the public in May 2011. Harpa marries the most important classical music and performance venue in the country with an international conference centre. It offers a diverse range of performances, from classical to contemporary, and it’s home to the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and The Icelandic Opera.

    The main designers of the Harpa Reykjavík Concert Hall and Conference Centre are Danish architectural firm Henning Larsen Architects and Icelandic architectural firm Batteríið Architects. Henning Larsen Architects has gained a reputation for superb design, including the new Opera House in Copenhagen.

    Danish-Icelandic artist Ólafur Elíasson designed the south facade and developed the principle for the remaining north/east/west facades and roof in collaboration with Henning Larsen Architects and Batteríið Architects. Elíasson deploys light, colour, and natural phenomena to test how physical movement, sensual engagement, and the interaction of body and brain influence our perception of our surroundings.

    Harpa’s 2011-2012 season starts in September 8 with an Opening Concert:

    Conductor laureate Vladimir Ashkenazy will feel at home at the start of the 2011/12 season. His recordings of the complete works for piano by Rachmaninoff are considered among the best to date. There is no less anticipation for the reunion of Ashkenazy and favorite Icelandic soloist Víkingur Ólafsson who will perform Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto.

    Read a review about Harpa on theguardian.co.uk | View pictures

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  • Sep 1
    Ahh, a taste of old Iceland. 

untitled by UnaLei on Flickr.

    Ahh, a taste of old Iceland. 


    untitled by UnaLei on Flickr.